Saturday, August 20, 2011

I do not understand

I do not understand why sometimes there's people that can put his/her bf or his/her crush in the front list over his/her bestfriends.the thing is,who wipes your tears when you're about to cry?who sits beside you and holding your hands and play together.who?Your bestfriends.I do not understand why there's sometimes,the person who's at the first,asking and begging for everyone to not forget him/her and in the end,they are the person who forgets everything.I've been through this things a lot of time.It's not how everything gone through,the thing is,I do not understand and I simply need a simple explanation on how this things work.And I know the explanation will include excuses.HaHa.Stupid.All I ever received are,stupid and lame excuses.I dont mind if the person walk away from my life,u can go on with your life,the thing is,dont take me for granted.I hate it.If everything is over,that's over and will never proceed until everything's settle down.I dont like when I have to pretend to be nice and smile over smirk face behind.HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa STUPID.Goodbye.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


A lot of things happened in between this month and last month.Finally,i managed to escape from those hectic days that needed a lot of energy to energize my body -_-''.After,debate and Hari Sukan,finally Im free ;')!Here's a few pics from regional debate competition and state debate competition,with my charismatic teammates ;').We won in regional and won the 3rd place for state.I love the plaque from's made up of glass!!!not plastic and it's really heavy.muehehe.
Me and william in Hotel Seri Malaysia.we stayed there for a night.
I looked darn plump oke -_-''
My pool.weeee
Kenny Roger roasters
during regional debate competition.i know i know,im the shortest among all of them.
in somewhere's surau.see my height :p
in Secret Recipe.celebrating our victory ;')
Tadaaa.with our beloved teacher and sir
the 3 musketeers :P

William and his pool.there were story behind this.
William and Umaa
Teacher w her lil sis ;')
the camwhores :p

candid :p

at Asama's restaurant

Conclusion:I had much fun.Special thanks to my beloved teacher and sir for sacrifice on everything and thanks to my teammates for everything.debate really gives me a big impact on how to cooperate together,to stay up till midnight and everything.Thanks and assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because there's butterfly in my stomach

Back to business,I'll be debating on this Wednesday (crying out loud).I afraid that I wont do better like Nura,Zati,William and Uma had done before.They're good while me?when I start to pop out with something,I'll be thinking of something.I dont know why.And my heart WILL beat faster than ever(it even faster than running around my school's field) .And after that,I'll be using fillers and everything just like how THE tongue twister begins.Seriously,where's my courage?where's my communication skills?Why this year I cant speak properly and write better.Why am I being such a lame and loser?

Come on aida,u can do it.Even im not the best speaker or whatever,but i hope I can do it well.I dont want to disappoint my teammates who have been struggle hard this recent weeks for this upcoming regional debate competition.

No pain,no gain!

Just a brief post from me,the school life begins again from today :).Assalamualaikum!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The opposites of me

My crazy shopaholic lass has moved out from this house to pursue her study in Business field in Uitm Merbok!Good luck and all the best.Know what?the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and she said that business blood is running through her vain.I hope I don't.It so not my cup of tea.I am not a person who can convince people to buy my products pretty well as her.She's really good at it.Trust me!

My sister is really the opposites of me.She's thin and tall but I am short and plump.She loves indoor activities while I love outdoor activities because I find it a lil bit adventurous rather than sit back and having air-conditioners around.She loves shopping but I love travelling.I love other countries but she loves their SHOPPING MALLS'.I am the daddy pampered daughter while she is my mom pampered daughter.She's good in fashion while I suck with it. She loves being late at school while me,trying my best to get up early for school.

After all,she is just my sister and no matter how we fight and breaking the siblings relationship,we'll get along back just in a minute.And not to forget,I am her ex roommates and she must be missing me in the middle of night.I am the one who accompanied her watching movies in the middle of the morning only because she cant sleep and there's 'SOMETHING' was bothering her. Sometimes, I sleep in the opposites of her and without on purpose,I accidentally kicked her face while I was sleeping for like many times :|.She must be terrified.We used to fight for a warm blanket and now I know,she doesn't need the warm blanket anymore because her dorm is freaking hot.

I didnt know how she'd go through with the orientation.I just hope she'll be doing fine because I know,those activities,are so not of her type but always my CUP OF TEA back in camping time.So,just pray she wont cry like the first day she went there.

P/s:the weather hasn't been exquisite as it used to :|.It's freaking hot nowadays even with the max speed of the fan.Toodles everyone and assalamualaikum !:)!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to back

I remember,in March,when I keep bugging lili to make me a Gucci's cake.Actually,I wasnt serious,just wanna joke with her because I impressed with this Gucci's cake.Like seriously,who doesnt?This cake is beautiful and I love this design!I went through the Gucci website and told Lili that I love with it and give her a link.

and one day,when lili texted me "aida,ada dkt rumah x ptg stg".I was like,"ada ada".and she came by the evening,I saw her,holding a box,I had an instinct that it could be cupcakes since her sister is a cupcakes seller.And she gave me,at first,I didnt see inside the box yet,I just thanked her for being such a sweet girl and remembering my birthday ;'>.and when I saw the design inside,I jumped and shouted in front of her,like there were crazy things happened there.Guess what she gave me?;')

Tadaaaa~.She knew that I love all of this.It's true when people said "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
I love u lili .Thanks for everything.*hugsandkisses*.

P/s:My sister got excited too when she saw this cupcakes!:D.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taylor Swift wanna go back to December

And I want to go back to BER(S).It means,I wanna go back to October,November and December.
I really miss last year moment,when I was busy with PMR and everything, and last,I managed to go with the flow ;').How sweet is sweet.2010 means a lot to me.There are a lot of bitter and better,when I tried to change myself for a better person,when I was about to fall with the sad news,and theres family to wake me up.Theres everyone besides me,everyone were giving me the spirit,to continue with the journey of my life.When there were gift when I managed to ace my exam,and flew to Oz with cuzzy, thats such a sweet moment that will last forever.When I received my PMR results and a lot of WHEN that too much to be told.When I was busy preparing with debate from day to night but it was cancelled due to flood.When I was cycling from home to school for activities in school and brave myself to cycle during the hot days.When I was crying for the whole month of June.and when when when.Off till now. ^^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a brief on me

*Exam mode*.So,I Have like 15 days to finish my exam and get prepare of myself for Kawad Daerah and burn my face in the middle of the day.And cant wait for camp in Pulau Payar and etc.I hope I can focusing more on my study.Well that just a brief from me.Anything,just follow me on my twitter.^^.Toodles,and............................

Assalamualaikum :)!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone?:)

I have a younger brother(not the youngest one),who has growing up,and now he's 14.I remember,reminiscing back in time, when he stands beside me,and to be emphasize,SHORTER than me :p.But,it was before lah kan.Now,I just taller than Daim and shorter than everyone in this house :(.

It's not the main topic here.Since he's growing up,so now he's in phase of maturity,where the pimples is everywhere on his face.Thats normal(for my dad),but abnormal for me.I've been through this phase and it SUCKS.I still blame this phase for making my face such as shitto,where the effects of pimples,still on my face :(.I wish,my face is flawless and smooth as soap :p.

So,u know what,when my brother has pimples on his face,everyone's worrying about his pimples.My dad asked us to help him and buy any product to get rid of those red aliens and my dad also intend to bring him to Dr.Venkat too.My mom and my sister bought a lot of products but it wasnt worked. During my time,there's no one worrying about me such as that.This is so UNFAIRRRRR!All of u should bring me to New York Skin Solution to solve all of this problem :P.

Haha thats for today.Byeee.Toodles~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stress and depress,u're so express!

Hye everyone,sorry for procrastinating.I'll update when I have time because,I've been busy all around.
So,well,Im a person who can let a go A matter,but will always remember those things back in time.I dont know why.But in few circumstances,I will never ask back why everything happened.I did cry last few days since I think my body need to rejuvenate from all of the things that freak me out.Im not a professional coach to myself.I NEED to recover everything and live my life as usual.Lets pray I'll be fine.

Recently,my body is bloody exhausted and no word can describe how I go through an unbalanced diet and unhealthy life -_-.Sometimes I take my lunch but sometimes,I just put it aside .Sometimes I think breakfast is necessity,but sometimes,I just think,breakfast leads me to stomachache :/.It's disturbing me in school!

I wish,I still in lower secondary.I cant control myself anymore.My mouth mumbling everything,my body shaking every time (I've no such Parkinson) and sends impulses to the brain that I need my beauty sleep and my face wants to free from all of those red eccentric alien.I cant control myself anymore.I feel like half of me is dead.The part of happiness in myself seems to fade away.

So ,now the clock has ticking till 6.06 AM.Im up for school.Btw,I've this superstitious thoughts,when I otw to school,If I'll be listening to such nice songs or my favourite songs,I can go to school and have fun all around.But if it such a music that is so lame and everything,my mood will turn to :(!

So,Assalamualaikum and toodles everyone!Love

Friday, April 1, 2011

My essay -_-

This is what I crap when tcer give me a bunch of essays.This one of those essay hihi

My life 20 years from now will be more interesting. On that time, I’ll be 36 years old and I’m looking forward that I will be an ambassador somewhere in United Kingdom and have a husband of course and 4 children. My husband would be an entrepreneur just like my dad and he will run a business in United Kingdom too. I hope on that time, I finished my P.H.D in accountant course or maybe in economics field.

I wish, on that time, my savings would be 1 million and I’ll drive Audi or even Mercedez. I want to live in just 2 double storey building simply because first, I don’t want to hire a maid or butler and second, I don’t have to mess up my mind just to tidy up the whole house just for a day. On that time, I’ll be a good cooker and can cook anything for my family because, in overseas ,it’s hard to find Halal food ,so, I’ve to master all of the cooking skills. And my neighborhood will be all of the Malaysian and my children can speak Bahasa Melayu. I hope they don’t forget their roots.

Twice in a year, I will fly back to Malaysia with my family to pay a visit my parents or I’ll pay them flight ticket to come over to United Kingdom. I’ll bring my parents to discover every states in United Kingdom and bring them to other countries too because experiences, come once in a lifetime. And I hope on that time, I’ll set up my foot on red carpet of Malaysia Airlines. I want to get all of the first class services and the armchair is bigger than business class and I’ll have my food served by the time I enter the flight and watching all of the hot movies that just come out in cinema.

Later, every summer, I’ll bring my children to whichever Disneyland and spend good time with them. I want to bring them to every country and discover everything together because memory will never fade away . I want my children to be happy and of course, they have to achieve flying colors result first to get all of this. I don’t want to spoil them. I don’t torture them but I want to be a strict parents that can benefit them in the future. I hope they don’t be a spoil brat and I want to implement all of the moral values in their heart.

Next, I wish on that time, I can have my walk-in wardrobe. And that time, my allowances will permit me to buy all of those luxurious things in Harrods. And I hope there’s no salesgirl that will underestimate me and stare at me just like I’m a beggar and will steal everything in their store. And once in a month, I’ll post gifts for my parents and my parents in law. I hope I can shower them with love equally.

Last but not least, I hope I’ll be grate with what bestow upon me. I’ll keep myself close to Allah,THE ALMIGHTY ,and will never forget HIM wherever I am. I hope I can tie a good knot with everyone and get over the negative things. Everyone hope for the best in their life, so I am.

All about MLTR

Me:*reading newspaper in ayah's office*
Me:Ayah,MLTR is coming here
Me:Ha la tgk ni.they're coming to penang too
Ayah:ilah nak pi dak?
Me:boleh dipercayai ka ayah nk bg pi?
Ayah:Ha la.nak pi dgn sapa?ida?
Me:But,they're all old -_-.

p/s:i wanna go to bruno's if possible!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Assalamualaikum,I've been busy and thousand apology!
First,I've been neglecting this blog and plus i dont have any idea why im so lazy to update it just like past years.

Well,I've been busy with Kursus Kenaikan Pangkat Sarjan Daerah Kubang Pasu 2011 last week and it was held in Smk Tanjung Pauh.It was freaking because in that camp,WE cant ,i repeat,we cant take a bath O_o!U will never imagine how i looked alike and how smelly i am.the coaches or we called Tuan,they said,everyone here didnt take bath,so ,we were same here.And on that time,I was likee ,erghh,hurry up time,i wanna go home NOW,i mean NOW!And it was raining for 3 days and my telekung was smelly because my shirt's soaked!U will never imagine praying in dirty condition.I wish,next time,we are given time to take bath .Can u imagine ,I used the same trousers for 3 days and did a lot of activities and then we prayed.-_-''.This isnt complaining,but,idk what to say.And the test,all of the test were tough and i knew it before i went to the camp,but just,i didnt ready for mentally and physically -_-.

what touch my heart was,when I suddenly,open this girl's log book and i read about her bio and to my amazement,she studies in jenan and came from Sandakan,Sabah.While lunch,I was eating next to her and asked her for apology to open her book without her permission.hehe.I asked her a lot :"> hehe.Then,u know what,she just can go back to Sabah once,i repeat,ONCE in a year .I told lili,how come did she survive herself,and lili said,if it was me ,the one who will be meeting my parents once in a year,i'll be crying like everyday simply because,if my dad go for outstation,i'll tell lili,i miss my dad :">.Too much 'ANAK AYAH' haha.

and finally,I bestowed by SARJAN at last !after a lot of tough tests,finally,i did it hihi.

and NEXT,I was busy with debate.we were having friendly match debate and we'd to prepare everything and I love when our team,give all of the cooperations.I felt satisfy with it.we have fun by doing the discussion and didnt stress out ourselves.we just being chillax haha.

and third,my BELOVED TEST 2!it's next week -_-.noooo.and a lot of things need to be revised.I dont know wether i have enough time to revise all of those 10 subjects -_-.It just,POSSIBLE for me to SAY,but IMPOSSIBLE for me to make it.If ALLAH wills,I can make it :).it just I have to work hard on it.Life is about sacrifice ;')

and there's still more things that I need to recover.Just pray that I can MAKE it by the time.InsyaALLAH.So,Goodbye love.:)!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Hye,assalamualaikum.How's everyone?I hope u're in the pink of health !Well,I just turned to 16 !Sweet 16 xoxo!Haha well,I enjoyed my birthday this year!Enjoyed it very much and the day of my birthday,the rain was pouringggg after a long time!!!For my birthday this yr,I got handbag and perfume from my mom and dinner treat from my dad at Kenny Rogers.Love both of u so much :)!and thanks to Piqah for the card.I like it.So princess-y.:D!

For those who wish me,I really appreciate it and thanks.I love y'all.Your wishes really meant to me :).I'll remember it!Million thanks :)!
So,here a few pictures from my birthday dinner .

Thanks for coming my beloved aunties
I look so SANGAP -_-

Blowing the candles

Slicing cakes :D!

and all of these pictures below ,taken by lili.I asked her to take pictures of me with colorful balloons :D!Thank u lili.Love u!So sad that ziqah couldnt make it because her parents wasnt around at that time :( and aina and alin that now in mrsm :(.We shall make it this next timeee!

And last but not least,a video from me :D!Sorry for the blurness.I didnt focus it properly :(.sorry.hope u'll enjoy .thanks.Lots of love.xoxo!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Arent they all adorable?

I just love this piece of Louboutin because of the colour ;')

Ferragamo can give u a sense of satisfaction!

p/s:after all,I wish,I can have any of those!:(!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hai and Assalamualaikum!:)
Well,I hope everyday is Friday !So that I dont have to wake up earlier just to go to school.I love school,but,wrong timing lor :/So this morning,my dad woke me up and he said

Ayah:Ilah,bangun sembahyang
Me:Haa okee(dalam hati dok kata,arini hari apa,he supposed to ask me to wake up for school and then I checked my phone,6.30 am :O.What day is today?Then I checked the calendar and today is Thursday :(. )

I thought today is Friday so that I can pray and then continued with my sleep.Im too tired.What to do,Ive to wake up and get prepared and asked my dad to send me because my mom is always lateee(!)I dont know whats wrong with my school rules nowadays :/.I miss those time,when theres no assembly everyday.I seriously hate it.I have to rush just because I dont want to stand infront of everyone just because Im late :(.I know,its for discipline,but,I dont like it :(.I miss when we can wear black hijab to school

I wish,theres one week school and one week holiday.It must be really funn!Haha but my maid told me to be grateful because we had 2 holidays in a week while them only have one.And we have a lot of holidays and they dont.Sometimes my maid ask me,"Kenapa kamu ini selalu cuti.sekejap cuti sekejap cuti".What I've to answer if I dont know.Haha.I dont really feel that we have a lot of holidays :P.Haha.oke,till now.pen off.toodles!!Lots of love :*

Friday, February 18, 2011

We have different perspectives from others

hye and assalamualaikum :).
Erm,sometimes,we're,the normal people,think that,why should the tycoon or any of them,the millionaire,would fork out their money for 100k sometimes just for a handbag.and for us,who is just a normal people,will think,they're crazy nut and said to them that they can use it for charities.Well,after I've been thinking,I think I find the answer which it is for me,quite relevant.But,we've a different perspective right?So,I dont think so if all of u will accede with me or no.Your right :).

Well,I think,they have enough of everything.Sometimes,we tend to think,why they buy rm1million car like Maserati,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Bentley or even Bugatti?They can have a big house instead of buying that car.And the car doesnt provide even a toilet for u and neither bedroom.The answer is,they already have a big mansion so they want a new car just for fun.

And sometimes,we think why would they buy a handbag for 40k and sometimes can reach higher than that.We think that,they can use the money for charities.But I think,they had give ENOUGH charities and as for u,u work hard and everything to reach that high level,and u want to spend it for yourselves right?U cant be too generous and give all of ur money towards the one who need money and at last,u'll turn to poverty :/.what's the use of working hard if u're going to be the same, right?

And people will think,why they buy Vertu and Gresso if they can have at least Iphone,Blackberry or even Htc?Vertu costs rm50k and why would they buy it if they can have return first class ticket from kl to Heathrow for the same amount.The reason is still the same,They have all of them and they want something new for them :).

And,dont blame them for overspend their money,because,they know how much they have in their savings.It is just,their right to spend how much they want,and even though they will get broke,that is their problem.U just can give ADVICES but u cant restrict them from doing so.Dont ever do that.U're invading their life u know.

So,as for now,toodles,Assalamualaikum :).Hope u have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hye all.I want to fill my ample time by writing this because,I havent write for like 17 days?Im sorry .I wish I could,but with the lack of ideas + I just finished my first test,so I couldnt make it.Well,some of my friends plus my cousin have move out from our school.So,I feel a lil bit of missing something in school.It is because,before this,I keep greeting people and say hello towards them,and now,with their absence,I dont know to whom,I shall wave my hand :(.I still have more friends,but,it could be more interesting if I have them back.I miss everything.

Btw,I dont regret to let them go and hope they too because,it's for their godsake.They have to sacrifice for their future.The boarding schools can guarantee a bright future for them :).So,my pray is always for u guys!Be strong.Dont despair easily!Determination is the key to success and dont forget to recite ur pray.Dont forget ALLAH S.W.T :)

I miss all of my friends.Hope they dont forget me :).

p/s:I miss aina and alin :(.Hope they're doing fine at mrsm merbok!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Because im not a walking dictionary

Well Hye,Assalamualaikum!

Guess what?Never thought that my teacher would like to read my was so embarrassing -_-.With the broken English and bad grammars :/.*Speechless*.She said,she wish, she could correct all of it.Hihi.Sorry,my bad.I dont really like grammars,it so confusing.But,I love vocabs more.Hihi.The fact is,my dad always questions me with every vocabs that I dont know,so,I've to find it and explain to him.My dad is so persistent right?Just as well as her daughter >) muahahaha.And sometimes,if I know,a new vocab,I'll rush to ask him.If he didnt know,he'll ask me back -_-.Only if I know,I'll explain,but if I didnt know,he'll blame me for not mastering all of the vocabs.Hello,im not a dictionary oke?

Sometimes,we argue with the meaning of a vocab.
E.g : he said,rampant is bertaubat.I said,No!!!Rampant is berleluasa.He'll keep in his mind that he's correct until I found that,repent is actually bertaubat -_-''.So,after all,I won!haha.
But there's sometimes I lose over him -_-.
I said sophisticated means complicated and he asked me,where I learn that.He said,Sophisticated means kemajuan (I dont know how to explain it in english).So,it takes time for me to discover it because I always ignore this thinggy and finally,I know im wrong :/.And he smiled to celebrate his victory.Ciss.Haha.

FYI,my dad always ask me to listen on tv when they speak English instead of reading the subtitles :/.I cant understand them.They're,a lil bit fast or im a lil bit late?Or the tv and me are not working out together -_-'' HAHAHAHA.And he has a Canadian friend and when we meet,I just can understand his friend if he asks me in proper way(proper way means,he asks slowly).
I dont get his accent eventually -_-.My dad jokes with me,he said,u've to reduce eating BELACAN to speak and listen properly,which is,for me,it doesnt make any sense !

So,im close with my daddy than my mom.My sis is more close with my mom.So,if I want to share everything,I share it with my dad.If i want anything,I ask from my dad instead of my mom.Hihi.
So,till now,pen off,*LoveLikeThis*.I love u guys.xoxo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What would u save your money for?

Well,everyone must have their own goal to be achieve right?Eeekk.Well,im still thinking,I will save my money for what and guess what i've been thinking?HaHa!I will save my money and after my graduation day one day,I'll spend it to discover around Europe.It's my dream FOREVER.My dad said,he cant bring all of us because it's very expensive and I know it's totally expensive.He said,he went there by himself,I mean by his money so why would I fork out his money to get it.He said,save your money and go everywhere.

Woho can i keep such the amount of money?:/ I wonder what age I'll between 30 or 40?
I want to go to Selfridges,Harrods and etc to shop like im the queen of the day..Haha.After return to Malaysia,i will be broke and seduce any rich man to pay for my credit cardsss.Haha joke joke..Credit card is a magical card that literally kill u.U will feel like u're the happiest girl alive when u swipe it but u turn into the grieve person alive when u receive the bills haha.after that,shaking heads and make some theraphy at any spa haha.

I wanna play snow :(.I mean,the original one.Not the fake one that i used to play at genting :|.But,even the season of the spring i cant stand,so how could i stand during the winter?ALLAH know better :)

And still,if i've lots of money left,i'll go to south hemisphere again but not oz anymore,but nz!hikhik :">.I wish I could wander the whole world and experienced the whole world by myself :).Thats what i wish for.Till then,*LoveLikeThis*,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My very cup of tea

So,girls love fragrances right?So do I.I just wanna share some thoughts or just more like to story about some perfumes I know.

Well,if u want to buy perfume,i suggest u to buy live by j.lo .If u can have a tester at the perfume's shop at first,then try to smell it.Im sure u will like it,but if u dont,maybe u're having flu or else?:P HaHa.But the glow by j.lo is so not into me,it smelly like the seashells at the seashore i think?And i love flora by Gucci too.You have to smell it at first and then u will be like it.And i love Chance by Chanel too.

My sis is in the opposites.She loves the sweetness of perfume.She's more into like vanilla and more adoring vanilla I think?So,she's very into Britney Spears.The scent of sweet sometimes can get me dizzy all the wayy.Too sweet isnt good enough :P.I think,if she have more $$$,she will buy all of the britney spears' perfumes which is for me,kinda sickening because the design of the bottle kinda repetitive.The different is just the colour -_-.Cant britney spears design a very unique bottle to bottle up each of their different versi of perfumes???Marc Jacobs is a very unique man alive i think?HaHa.Most of the bottles of the perfumes is based on the scent they made.

And for me,i'll buy perfumes based on if i think it's really fragrant for me.If I go to the shop,i'll smell most of the perfumes and will find a veryy really fragrant one for my choice.And as for me,i didnt buy on that time,because if u want cheaper perfumes,go to the airport.So,for like once in a while,i'll bug my dad to buy it for me .

But since i've been to Oz,im kinda shocked because the perfumes at there freaking cheappp.Cheap for me means,u pay for the quality.I mean,if u want to say rm1 is cheap,can u have ur own vehicles at rm1 and will u consider kancil is an expensive car because of the 4 numbers u've to pay.No right?And,can u get a house for only rm1?no right.So,can u get the definition of cheap?My cousin tell me,if i want perfumes,i can ring her anytime.And my sis kinda excited because of,she's shocked too because of the price of the perfumes at oz.Can u believe me,at oz,this perfume,if we convert to rm,it's rm156 for 100 ml and when i went to penang on the other day,i asked this salesgirl,how much for that perfume for 100ml.u wont believe me,it's rm250 and something, and i was likeee :OOO.Malaysia is full of taxes.Thats why.And,for me,versace bright crystal iss really into me but i didnt have the opportunity to buy it.I turned up to gve it for someone as a gift .If on the last day im in oz i still have $$$ in my pockets,i would buy moree perfumess .How I wish i can have visa or amex :P!Just swipe it with fun >)!!!

And for me,juicy couture's perfume is not really into me.I didnt really like it.Chloe is quite expensive for me.So, i didnt hve chance to purchase it .One fine day,ill purchase,when my allowance permits :P!

So,if u read this,read with open minded.Dont be too narrow-minded.So,*LoveLikeThis*.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

U didnt know me

Well hey, i thought of posting an entry about my 3 days holiday at my village but suddenly turned up me to confess something.Truth to be told,I DESPERATELY need to confess this and this.

Well ,first,about my friends.U know what,i love making new friends.I wish i could have a lot of friends and have fun with them.And its my business to go out with whom.I just cant stick to a friend.that so lame and loser.i know,quality is better than quantity but i know with whom i be friend with.It doesnt mean im choosy but I know with whom I be friend with.U have no right to stop me from being friend with someone.And u know what,sometimes,i need a time,to go out,just TWO,i mean,me and one of my friend.U know ONE?u can spell it, right?And there's sometimes that i want to go out with a bunch of my friends.It's up to me laaa.The more the merrier ;')!

Second,about my outfit and everything,it's up to me laaa i want to wear what i bother u?do i bother ur money?No right.And i know how to fit myself with places.At least,i dont go to pasar malam with dress ,heels and clutch.U got it?And it's up to me wether i want to wear something chillax or no.It's about myself.I can wear whatever i want.Dont make such there's any turbulences going to happen.It just a matter of outfit.And i can hang any of my bag without your permission.As i satisfy with myself,i done with myself.U're not my fashion designer.

I know this entry is such a bit PULON and I admit it but who cares?!?!.I hate rumors and i hate people talking behind me.If u think im not okay,just tell me.Confront me.I have my life too.i know im no good.I did mock on people but on certain things.Tell me,which mentality u're including?First,second or third world of mentality.Talk using brain.Dont think that u're such a good person because deep inside,maybe u're the worse .And right know,i knew the truth.Who's right and who to be blame.

P/S:U refers to many people.not a person :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's a phase where we'll try to learn everything

Well,as i expected,life gonna be hectic.The time table has been extend during form 4 because of our additional subject.So,i chose pure scn+account.I dont know wether i can catch up or no?:|.Hope i can do it.But,if u want to stay at SMJ,pure scn+add math are compulsary subjects.wether u want it or no,u have to.

So,u know what,during my lil time,when i was in primary,every of my friend has been busy for their tuition.They went for maths scn and etc but me?I just go for English tuition just to learn English.So,I wanna story a lil bit about it.I started it when I was 11.Maybe it's a lil bit late for my age but better late than never right?So i went to this tuition.I went with Tini and Zqah and some other friends.Btw,if u go to this tuition,u cant speak Malay.And I was like....WHAT?even u want to chat with ur friend,u have to speak in English.At first I felt suck but after that I can survive HaHa.who said speaking english will make a person die?haha.My sir told me,dont feel embarrassing when it comes to speaking time.Just speak with ur friend.Only then u can speak fluently.Even if ur English suck but trust me,practice makes perfect.So,keep on speaking.

And when I was 12,I have a big exam,UPSR,so,everyone went to tuition for scn maths bm and etc but I just go for English tuition but at this time,I learnt from my uncle.He didnt really teach me based on UPSR questions but he taught me on how to make a good essays and taught me new vocabularies.Btw,i preferred to learn vocabs than learning grammar.Grammar is quite boring for me HaHa!And I continued on learning English with him for the next year with my siblings too!:).

So,as for now,even if i didnt really speak fluently and writing better but at least I could try to make it :).Learning is something u have to love.So everyone,dont feel shy to speak up with ur friends at school,it is just a process to make it happen!And if u all want to have more vocabularies,read english me,u can find a lot of words just for A meaning in the novel.But,im quite slow with English novels.It takes me a few weeks to finish it :|.Blame me I love malay novels moree HaHa.

So for now,*LoveLikeThis*.Sorry if i do anything bad.Forgive me,im just like other normal people.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I miss this

Recently,i try to find this drama but i cant find it.when i went to alor star,most of shop will say,it sold out.whatdaaa???!!!I really miss Ma Hye Ri and Seo In Woo :(!I want to watch it again!!!To who never watch this,this drama is such A MUST DRAMA TO BE WATCH.haha .im too exaggerate!till now,*LoveLikeThis*.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DAIM's day

Last night was daim's birthday.we celebrated it at kuala perlis.the fact is,we felt like we celebrated our birthday because daim didnt manage to eat anything.he just eat few fish,crab and etc but we(AS A FOODHUNTER)ate more than him.haha.there's nothing to went well.and i think after this,life gonna be hectic with upcoming exam.ok,school just started few days ago but i tend to talk about EXAM.-_-.My physic's teacher said the first test will be on February(very soon -_-) .oke laa.till now,*LoveLikeThis*.take care and love ya xoxo