Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wether u're rich or u're poor

Come on dude,dont boast puh-lease.i dont get people who said "i spent my parents' money about 1 or 2 k'.the problem is,no one bother to ask and no one bother to know because its personal .And i know,by showing that,u must be really feel proud because u can SPEND that much but totally it doesnt make a sense at all.U know what,there's still people spend more than u but they didnt show off .U know what,buying something isnt for boast,but for ur satisfaction.U satisfy with it and u done with it :).

One of my teacher had give us a speech,about rich and poor.He said,"org yg kaya skit ni dia suka menunjuk2 and org yg kaya byk ni jarang menunjuk" here u u can put u're in what type :).

Till then,*LoveLikeThis*

Monday, December 27, 2010

My so called cyber-life

Ehem2 im back.I feel like to jot down everything but seeing no response come up just turn me down.well,still i dont care.i write because i love it <3

So,back to 2002,my mom bought a pc and my dad as a responsible man to teach us all about internet.On that time,my siblings and me played game a LOT.i really mean it.And on that time,we had a very low connection of internet.If people called us,the internet connection will disconnected.It really pissed me off -_-.So,when i was 9,my sister and me started to discover about Chatting room.we learnt from our aunties.We joined Mirc and etc.And then I started to log in to Karangkraf.And there's a chatting room just for Kids between 9-12 if im not mistaken.From there,I got to know to a very my cyberBESTfriend that is,Farah Atiqah and still now,we connecting each other through internet.We're in the same state but different district.I havent meet her yet.Hope one fine day I'll meet her InsyaALLAH .And when i was 9,my dad signed me up on Yahoo World.Haha.My dad make me an email,a messenger and everything.He gave us microphone for Voicecall and everything.And when im still new with yahoo messenger,i keep on asking everyone and asked them to add me on Ym and i didnt even know from where they come!and i still remember,my YM id : haha so childish to have 2005 at the back.2005 is symbol of the year i signed up for Yahoo (Y) and i didnt know why i signed up for Yahoo Singapore!Ask my dad ok? And i started to know much more friend from Ym and keep on being friendly.And then,when i was 11,Friendster phenomenal!My sis signed up and i want too.On that time,we were like a culture shock oke!We tried to find the background like EVERYDAY just because we want a so called HOT profiles -_-!And after that when I was 12,Myspace phenomenal.Everyone seemed like enjoying comments on each other and wanted to have 10k of comments !Myspace really makes me crazy.We decorated and beautified it just because we wanted it to look nice on other's eyes!And when i was 14,Facebook phenomenal.We're like following trends :P.Luckily Facebook doesnt have to decorate it.Thanks goodness!I've signed up a lot like hi5 and etc but i didnt use it as much as i use friendster,myspace and facebook.

See,i've grown up with cyberlife and i've started typing on the computer since i was 7,and no wonder i type so fast (this isnt a boast,but a truth statement).Everyone ask me why i type so fast.Practice makes Perfect :).My cousin told me that im like a writer who type just because i've something to pass up urgently.Well,how's ur cyberlife begin?Share it with me.Still ,*LoveLikeThis*.Love ya :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

from north to east and from east to west :)

Hey,hows ur holiday again?i've been from NORTH TO EAST AND FROM EAST TO WEST of peninsular Malaysia :).glad to be at the east of peninsular Malaysia because i havent been in east for like 3 yrs and plus maybe?and i missed the nasi Kerabu,one of my favourite food!i dont like Nasi Dagang :P.haha.we started our journey from 8am and reached k.tganu around 3 and pit stop for lunch and then headed to Paka because my dad got meeting at there.Seriously,the chalet we stayed was dirty not a fuss but truth to be told,the payment we paid wasnt worth and they didnt have a wifi and if u want wifi connection,u have to go to their restaurant.and still i feel it wasnt worth to stay at there next time.Next time,I want my dad to choose a more clean and hyperventilated chalet or even a hotel and my sis feel like,we have to go to Kl quickly okay!and on the night,we had our's pretty delicious but i dont really fancy with steamboat.i love Nasi Kerabu moree!

and i went to the restaurant by walking and brought my dad's laptop because im like seriously DESPERATE to on9.and the next day my dad got a meeting and after that,he had another meeting at Kemaman.and after that we went to buy Keropok lekor and more and after that headed to Kl.otw to Kl,my dad said,"im nervous to wait for ur result".and in my heart i was like,omg,he must be really want me to get straight a's so bad :(.on that time,my body shivered and i feel like,what im going to so dead.and i ignored and i said "dont judge people by their result" to satisfy myself and him :P.after that we reached hotel and sis said,"Oh,i love this hotel,it's well clean".yeah its true.for me,this hotel is a very strategic hotel!!!u can have the mall infront of it and u can have medan selera beside of it and u can have lrt 500 metre from it and u can have a pwtc beside it,u know what hotel is it?so,it was my mom's birthday on that day and everyone seemed forgot with it and on the car i realized,omg,mama,happy birthday haha.and on that night we celebrated it at Restaurant Tarbush at Bukit has been ages we havent been there and we want to tried again arab cuisine beside of rice at Kampung Baru:).

and the next morning i woke up early in the morning.i woke up at 5.30am and the nerve was embracing me and my heart beat faster than ever.after i prayed,i went to my dad's room and rang the bell door,and everyone's continuing sleep exclude my dad because he had another meeting at Kl.i chatted with him and ironed his clothes for his meeting and he told my mom to spare kain batik for me to wipe my tears after knowing the result.after my dad went to meeting,i continued to sleep inside my parents'room .after that my sis rang me and told me to go back to our room.and i was like why dude?after that,i went to my room and felt like going to vomit and everything.after that,i took a bath and ready to go to pavi with my mom just give us a few notes and she went to klcc with my brothers and cousin instead of following us to and sis rode on lrt and after that we exchange to monorail.on the monorail,lili called me and i was screaming like hell and few messages coming and phone calls.alhamdulillah for everything and me and sis went to pavi and due to no money,we watched a movie.Hantu Kak Limah.the ticket at pavi was cheaper than can it be?before wait for the movie,we went for lunch and bought popcorns and drinks.and after the movies,we have no we asked our dad to fetch us and he said,why?we didnt have enough money to ride on the train.and dad fetched us at bukit bintang by lrt and monorail.what a shame haha.

and on that night,we went to celebrate and to meet my dad's friend,that was Uncle Terry and auntie,my dad and my sis went to fetch them while my mother and other else ride on my cousin's car and my dad's friend's car.we went to Restoran Nelayan and some of us having seafood and some of us having steamboat.unluckily,i was having my stomachache due to skip my breakfast and my lunch was too simple and i didnt enjoy the meal :(.

after finished the dinner we sent my dad's guest and we went to hotel and sleep because of tiredness!and on the morning,i woke up and went to pavi again with my mom,my sis and my lil brother.and on that night,we decided to dinner with bg at.we chose victoria station for the first we wanted to ride on our car,but seeing the parking was full with crowd and turned us to change the plan.we told bg at to fetch us.u know why?because the anugerah skrin was held beside my hotel and i saw a lot of artist!i met lisa surihani and mia sara nasuha holding hands together out from the hotel .Mia is superb cute!no wonder while our way to go downstairs by elevator,the elevator was full with people wearing stunning dresses.cant help it.
can u see lisa surihani and mia sara there?
eventhough we just can see them from far but mia is very very cute!farid kamil was infront of them and he's darn handsome and i saw alot of more while waiting for my cousin.and after that we went to victoria dad said,we ate different cuisines every night haha.the black pepper steak wasnt that bad but it wasnt the really tasty one.hehe.
so as a conclusion,i story more about food than what i've done,till then,*LoveLikeThis*.enjoy ur hols while it last.xoxo!

Friday, December 17, 2010

have u ever feel shy to the maximum?

i did.heheh.its a lot but i just want to share the memories that i only remember :D.back to past few years,when i was 6,my cousin held her wedding solemnization day and everyone must be preparing for it right.the villagers were there to help us.before that,i want to story something to make u clear.i have an auntie which i called her mama because she raise me up since i was born.she take care of me till now and i love her so much <,when im still little,i was staying with her and sometimes i slept at her sis stayed with another auntie because on that time my mom was busy with her,due to i know my auntie well,and i know her clothes well *proud proud*.wahaha.back to the story,one fine morning on the day of the solemnization day,i saw this one clothes that know well,and i ran towards the auntie and i hugged her from back and said "MAMAAAA" and after that this auntie shocked maybe and asked me who i am.OMGGGGG.this is an embarassing oke!i said to auntie,i thought u are my auntie because ur clothes seemed like her.T_T.ALLAH know how im so embarassing on that time.wehheee.till then,*LoveLikeThis*

to kl or take the result?im in between right now

try to make an innocent face.failed :P

this is me vs alin!
p/s:the pics arent related to the title okayh!

my heart and my soul tell me to go to Kl!but my daddy tell me to take the result.but,he nevermind if i go to Kl.he said,i've no sense of excitement or sense of nervous to wait up for the result.i didnt show my expression on how im so excited to take the result.i didnt want to show it at all.all i wanna do right now is,going for Year End Sale.I've been waiting this for like a year.last year,i missed it because i went to,i dont want to miss this opportunity again.its not everyday that everything is cheaper than usual!70% dude 70% come u miss it!u shouldnt miss it!the result,wether,i go earlier or later,it wont change at,if i go to the result's day,if i get bad result,i cant shopping or go to daddy has said earlier,once i get less than 8A's,no more travelling no more shopping and everything so sad right?ya ALLAH,i want 8A's please :(.but,im not confident at all that i can achieve,if u meet me on 23rd at school,thats maybe i've changed my mind for last minute,but for right now,my mind still thinking about,gudnite and assalamualaikum.*LoveLikeThis*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

zebra crossing

where is our mind?lost?Malaysian citizen appear to be sociable and kind-hearted maybe.but where is our mind???oh my my my.a few of malaysian citizen must have no sense of human maybe?today,while my brother and me,tried to cross the road,and we had pressing the button to get crossed but sadly,while the green light for the pedestrian lighted,there still car moving on the zebra crossing without stop.crazy dude!what if im dead?am i have to be blame?or the driver?u think it.u know what,in oz,even the red light ,they will stop eventhough there's no one try to cross the road.and u know what,to get to the entrance of the mall,there's zebra crossing,but,without the traffic light one,but once u try to cross the road to enter the mall,the car will stop automatically!!!without traffic light or anything!they are so good right eventhough they arent really greet people at,think with your brain.dont just blame the kid who cant estimate the distance well,but the driver should pay attention too!*im so furious**try to calm down for a while*.till then,*LoveLikeThis*

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 will come to an end :)

Assalamualaikum everyone.this chapter 15 will close,and the new chapter will begin insyaALLAH :).2010,the toughest year i've ever gone through before.there sweet and sour,bitter and better .this year,i've learned alot of things.i learnt how to be patient.i learnt how to face all of the test of my life.i've burst into tears for a straight month and on that time,i feel i cant stand up and face the life anymore.i feel like this is the sadness things happen in my life.but,im wrong.all of this is just a test from ALLAH to test me on how strong i am.the closest one know what happened to me.this thing shouldnt be tell to anyone because i just want to keep it to myself.let keep this thing as a personal.thanks to all of my supporters who be with me when im down and thanks for every advices.i never cry harshly like that before.and my mom always said,grow up.just face it.and my dad said,i have to know how to face with all of this.he told me to cheer up.and i refresh myself on that time and i said i will try not to cry anymore.this is just a lil test.there's some more test that will be given to me.thanks to my cousin who keep calling me like everyday just to know am i okay on that time.and one day,i google how to prevent my anger and my sadness,and there's a piece of note i found "ALLAH test u not because ALLAH want HIS slave to be sad,but to erase every sins that have been done.".and after that,i went to Kl.after i went to kl,otw going back to home,i cried along the way to go was like 3 hours i cried.can u imagine it?and after that,that was the last cry for everything.u know what,when u feel sad,dont keep it to urself,release it with shouting or crying.thats the way.after that,u will feel relieve!trust me.and this year,i learnt about friendship.i make a more good friends this year.i keep in touch with new friends.and i dont really bother with the friend who doesnt want to be friend with me :).like my paklang said,just be friend with the one who want to be friend with u and ignore all of the yes,i make it and i did it!thanks ALLAH again.and this year i make a good relationship with all of my teachers.i can have the laughters with them and they are all sporting!they are really supportive.this year,i learnt everything new.something that really new.this is what we called life.will blog more if i have time.*LoveLikeThis*
p/s:writing while listening to 'for the rest of my life' by Maher Zain :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Prosecutor Princess!PP da bomb!

I love Prosecutor Princess so much!Eventhough my sis said Ma Hye Ri isnt beautiful,but i adore her!she is a shopaholic and she loves all of Gioberni collection.and she skipped her workshop after graduation just because she wants to go to the sell auction to bid for the stunning heels!and she has a big closet to keep all of her collection!i want a closet like that too!and i like her because she has a good memory to remember.and i love the hero,Seo In handsome!and i adore Ma Hye Ri because she can dress in her way to the office but all of her colleagues wear just a simple shirt with coat and a black shoes maybe.i watched this movie when im in oz and i watched it with tini and when it comes to her stunning shoes part,tini and me will say "wowwwww".haha.Ma Hye Ri dare to skip her work just because she wants to go shopping!Seo In Wo is so cool.He is so cute when Ma Hye Ri take a picture of so nut right now.till then,this is just a piece of part in the it and u wont be regret!*LoveLikeThis*

Saturday, December 11, 2010


hye all,i wanna story a lil bit about oz.i cant elaborate too much but i just can tell what i like being at there :).so,me and my aunt's family stayed at their daughter's home.we were there for like 2 weeks and actually i wanted to extend being at there but there's no good to stay at people's house too long right?so,i can tell it in brief.
what i like the most,was,i didnt sweat at there!no smelly socks,no smelly clothes and everything.i took a bath once a day :P except for the day we went quite far from home.:D.u know what,after i reached KLIA,and get into the car,i touched my forehead and it's sweating!.and i love the fruits at there.its all sweet.i love the cherries,the strawberries,the apples,the mangoes,the nectarines,the furry peaches and kiwi and pears.after lunch or dinner,we will eat the nyummy fruits.ohhh heaven~.and what i like being there,even though the sun shines,the surrounding is breezing.i love spring!but,sometimes the temperature drops till 17 or 16 and sometimes 15 cousin said,this is just spring,not winter yet.we wore 2 layers of shirts,two layers of socks at home!i know,im not used to the weather so i just have to face the fact that i cant stand with the cold weather.and sometimes there are showery days .showery days is like a drizzling day maybe?and i love the price of perfumes at there!!!it so cheap cheap cheap compare to Malaysia.i bought myself one perfume at there,and last week i went to penang and survey about my perfume,i was like,it was totally expensive to buy perfume at Malaysia.i have to add 100 notes more if i want to buy that perfume at here compare to oz.u know what,we can have Versace at 30$ at oz.pretty cheap isnt it?and i love riding on the ferry at circular quay!we went there almost everyday!i dont know what i can tell more.last but not least,share ur good time with me too!im glad if u can share it with me :D!*Love Like This*

Friday, December 10, 2010

Love is everywhere

Hey everybody.feel like blogging again :D.well everybody,im here,feel like utterly boring for doing the same thing everyday.i wake up,i brush my teeth,skip my breakfast and sometimes my lunch and eat dinner like a starving giant .i know,it is bad habit but what to do.but,luckily i dont eat junk food.*proud proud*.and i bought 6 novels and finish one by one and watching Korean movies and hang out with my auntie.well,my holiday just finish like about 2 or 3 weeks ago.oh ya,i spent my holiday at oz this year without my family but i feel extremely happy because i can visit another country.well,that is a new experience for me!oh ya,i've been finished reading confession of a shopaholic which i bought the book last year and i had my ample time just last few weeks to read it.what turn me to grieve is because the characteristics of derek smith in the book and in the movie is totally different!derek smith seemed to be more generous in the book and becky didnt have to run away from derek smith in the office.well,right now im continuing reading something borrowed by emily giffin.for me,the novel try to expose the readers the reality happens in surrounding.and i like it btw.i borrowed this novel from my cousin :D.didnt i tell u i love reading!but just for some good novels.and last,hope everyone spend their holiday with their loved ones!till then*Love Like This*