Friday, February 25, 2011

Arent they all adorable?

I just love this piece of Louboutin because of the colour ;')

Ferragamo can give u a sense of satisfaction!

p/s:after all,I wish,I can have any of those!:(!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hai and Assalamualaikum!:)
Well,I hope everyday is Friday !So that I dont have to wake up earlier just to go to school.I love school,but,wrong timing lor :/So this morning,my dad woke me up and he said

Ayah:Ilah,bangun sembahyang
Me:Haa okee(dalam hati dok kata,arini hari apa,he supposed to ask me to wake up for school and then I checked my phone,6.30 am :O.What day is today?Then I checked the calendar and today is Thursday :(. )

I thought today is Friday so that I can pray and then continued with my sleep.Im too tired.What to do,Ive to wake up and get prepared and asked my dad to send me because my mom is always lateee(!)I dont know whats wrong with my school rules nowadays :/.I miss those time,when theres no assembly everyday.I seriously hate it.I have to rush just because I dont want to stand infront of everyone just because Im late :(.I know,its for discipline,but,I dont like it :(.I miss when we can wear black hijab to school

I wish,theres one week school and one week holiday.It must be really funn!Haha but my maid told me to be grateful because we had 2 holidays in a week while them only have one.And we have a lot of holidays and they dont.Sometimes my maid ask me,"Kenapa kamu ini selalu cuti.sekejap cuti sekejap cuti".What I've to answer if I dont know.Haha.I dont really feel that we have a lot of holidays :P.Haha.oke,till now.pen off.toodles!!Lots of love :*

Friday, February 18, 2011

We have different perspectives from others

hye and assalamualaikum :).
Erm,sometimes,we're,the normal people,think that,why should the tycoon or any of them,the millionaire,would fork out their money for 100k sometimes just for a handbag.and for us,who is just a normal people,will think,they're crazy nut and said to them that they can use it for charities.Well,after I've been thinking,I think I find the answer which it is for me,quite relevant.But,we've a different perspective right?So,I dont think so if all of u will accede with me or no.Your right :).

Well,I think,they have enough of everything.Sometimes,we tend to think,why they buy rm1million car like Maserati,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Bentley or even Bugatti?They can have a big house instead of buying that car.And the car doesnt provide even a toilet for u and neither bedroom.The answer is,they already have a big mansion so they want a new car just for fun.

And sometimes,we think why would they buy a handbag for 40k and sometimes can reach higher than that.We think that,they can use the money for charities.But I think,they had give ENOUGH charities and as for u,u work hard and everything to reach that high level,and u want to spend it for yourselves right?U cant be too generous and give all of ur money towards the one who need money and at last,u'll turn to poverty :/.what's the use of working hard if u're going to be the same, right?

And people will think,why they buy Vertu and Gresso if they can have at least Iphone,Blackberry or even Htc?Vertu costs rm50k and why would they buy it if they can have return first class ticket from kl to Heathrow for the same amount.The reason is still the same,They have all of them and they want something new for them :).

And,dont blame them for overspend their money,because,they know how much they have in their savings.It is just,their right to spend how much they want,and even though they will get broke,that is their problem.U just can give ADVICES but u cant restrict them from doing so.Dont ever do that.U're invading their life u know.

So,as for now,toodles,Assalamualaikum :).Hope u have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hye all.I want to fill my ample time by writing this because,I havent write for like 17 days?Im sorry .I wish I could,but with the lack of ideas + I just finished my first test,so I couldnt make it.Well,some of my friends plus my cousin have move out from our school.So,I feel a lil bit of missing something in school.It is because,before this,I keep greeting people and say hello towards them,and now,with their absence,I dont know to whom,I shall wave my hand :(.I still have more friends,but,it could be more interesting if I have them back.I miss everything.

Btw,I dont regret to let them go and hope they too because,it's for their godsake.They have to sacrifice for their future.The boarding schools can guarantee a bright future for them :).So,my pray is always for u guys!Be strong.Dont despair easily!Determination is the key to success and dont forget to recite ur pray.Dont forget ALLAH S.W.T :)

I miss all of my friends.Hope they dont forget me :).

p/s:I miss aina and alin :(.Hope they're doing fine at mrsm merbok!