Monday, January 31, 2011

Because im not a walking dictionary

Well Hye,Assalamualaikum!

Guess what?Never thought that my teacher would like to read my was so embarrassing -_-.With the broken English and bad grammars :/.*Speechless*.She said,she wish, she could correct all of it.Hihi.Sorry,my bad.I dont really like grammars,it so confusing.But,I love vocabs more.Hihi.The fact is,my dad always questions me with every vocabs that I dont know,so,I've to find it and explain to him.My dad is so persistent right?Just as well as her daughter >) muahahaha.And sometimes,if I know,a new vocab,I'll rush to ask him.If he didnt know,he'll ask me back -_-.Only if I know,I'll explain,but if I didnt know,he'll blame me for not mastering all of the vocabs.Hello,im not a dictionary oke?

Sometimes,we argue with the meaning of a vocab.
E.g : he said,rampant is bertaubat.I said,No!!!Rampant is berleluasa.He'll keep in his mind that he's correct until I found that,repent is actually bertaubat -_-''.So,after all,I won!haha.
But there's sometimes I lose over him -_-.
I said sophisticated means complicated and he asked me,where I learn that.He said,Sophisticated means kemajuan (I dont know how to explain it in english).So,it takes time for me to discover it because I always ignore this thinggy and finally,I know im wrong :/.And he smiled to celebrate his victory.Ciss.Haha.

FYI,my dad always ask me to listen on tv when they speak English instead of reading the subtitles :/.I cant understand them.They're,a lil bit fast or im a lil bit late?Or the tv and me are not working out together -_-'' HAHAHAHA.And he has a Canadian friend and when we meet,I just can understand his friend if he asks me in proper way(proper way means,he asks slowly).
I dont get his accent eventually -_-.My dad jokes with me,he said,u've to reduce eating BELACAN to speak and listen properly,which is,for me,it doesnt make any sense !

So,im close with my daddy than my mom.My sis is more close with my mom.So,if I want to share everything,I share it with my dad.If i want anything,I ask from my dad instead of my mom.Hihi.
So,till now,pen off,*LoveLikeThis*.I love u guys.xoxo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What would u save your money for?

Well,everyone must have their own goal to be achieve right?Eeekk.Well,im still thinking,I will save my money for what and guess what i've been thinking?HaHa!I will save my money and after my graduation day one day,I'll spend it to discover around Europe.It's my dream FOREVER.My dad said,he cant bring all of us because it's very expensive and I know it's totally expensive.He said,he went there by himself,I mean by his money so why would I fork out his money to get it.He said,save your money and go everywhere.

Woho can i keep such the amount of money?:/ I wonder what age I'll between 30 or 40?
I want to go to Selfridges,Harrods and etc to shop like im the queen of the day..Haha.After return to Malaysia,i will be broke and seduce any rich man to pay for my credit cardsss.Haha joke joke..Credit card is a magical card that literally kill u.U will feel like u're the happiest girl alive when u swipe it but u turn into the grieve person alive when u receive the bills haha.after that,shaking heads and make some theraphy at any spa haha.

I wanna play snow :(.I mean,the original one.Not the fake one that i used to play at genting :|.But,even the season of the spring i cant stand,so how could i stand during the winter?ALLAH know better :)

And still,if i've lots of money left,i'll go to south hemisphere again but not oz anymore,but nz!hikhik :">.I wish I could wander the whole world and experienced the whole world by myself :).Thats what i wish for.Till then,*LoveLikeThis*,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My very cup of tea

So,girls love fragrances right?So do I.I just wanna share some thoughts or just more like to story about some perfumes I know.

Well,if u want to buy perfume,i suggest u to buy live by j.lo .If u can have a tester at the perfume's shop at first,then try to smell it.Im sure u will like it,but if u dont,maybe u're having flu or else?:P HaHa.But the glow by j.lo is so not into me,it smelly like the seashells at the seashore i think?And i love flora by Gucci too.You have to smell it at first and then u will be like it.And i love Chance by Chanel too.

My sis is in the opposites.She loves the sweetness of perfume.She's more into like vanilla and more adoring vanilla I think?So,she's very into Britney Spears.The scent of sweet sometimes can get me dizzy all the wayy.Too sweet isnt good enough :P.I think,if she have more $$$,she will buy all of the britney spears' perfumes which is for me,kinda sickening because the design of the bottle kinda repetitive.The different is just the colour -_-.Cant britney spears design a very unique bottle to bottle up each of their different versi of perfumes???Marc Jacobs is a very unique man alive i think?HaHa.Most of the bottles of the perfumes is based on the scent they made.

And for me,i'll buy perfumes based on if i think it's really fragrant for me.If I go to the shop,i'll smell most of the perfumes and will find a veryy really fragrant one for my choice.And as for me,i didnt buy on that time,because if u want cheaper perfumes,go to the airport.So,for like once in a while,i'll bug my dad to buy it for me .

But since i've been to Oz,im kinda shocked because the perfumes at there freaking cheappp.Cheap for me means,u pay for the quality.I mean,if u want to say rm1 is cheap,can u have ur own vehicles at rm1 and will u consider kancil is an expensive car because of the 4 numbers u've to pay.No right?And,can u get a house for only rm1?no right.So,can u get the definition of cheap?My cousin tell me,if i want perfumes,i can ring her anytime.And my sis kinda excited because of,she's shocked too because of the price of the perfumes at oz.Can u believe me,at oz,this perfume,if we convert to rm,it's rm156 for 100 ml and when i went to penang on the other day,i asked this salesgirl,how much for that perfume for 100ml.u wont believe me,it's rm250 and something, and i was likeee :OOO.Malaysia is full of taxes.Thats why.And,for me,versace bright crystal iss really into me but i didnt have the opportunity to buy it.I turned up to gve it for someone as a gift .If on the last day im in oz i still have $$$ in my pockets,i would buy moree perfumess .How I wish i can have visa or amex :P!Just swipe it with fun >)!!!

And for me,juicy couture's perfume is not really into me.I didnt really like it.Chloe is quite expensive for me.So, i didnt hve chance to purchase it .One fine day,ill purchase,when my allowance permits :P!

So,if u read this,read with open minded.Dont be too narrow-minded.So,*LoveLikeThis*.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

U didnt know me

Well hey, i thought of posting an entry about my 3 days holiday at my village but suddenly turned up me to confess something.Truth to be told,I DESPERATELY need to confess this and this.

Well ,first,about my friends.U know what,i love making new friends.I wish i could have a lot of friends and have fun with them.And its my business to go out with whom.I just cant stick to a friend.that so lame and loser.i know,quality is better than quantity but i know with whom i be friend with.It doesnt mean im choosy but I know with whom I be friend with.U have no right to stop me from being friend with someone.And u know what,sometimes,i need a time,to go out,just TWO,i mean,me and one of my friend.U know ONE?u can spell it, right?And there's sometimes that i want to go out with a bunch of my friends.It's up to me laaa.The more the merrier ;')!

Second,about my outfit and everything,it's up to me laaa i want to wear what i bother u?do i bother ur money?No right.And i know how to fit myself with places.At least,i dont go to pasar malam with dress ,heels and clutch.U got it?And it's up to me wether i want to wear something chillax or no.It's about myself.I can wear whatever i want.Dont make such there's any turbulences going to happen.It just a matter of outfit.And i can hang any of my bag without your permission.As i satisfy with myself,i done with myself.U're not my fashion designer.

I know this entry is such a bit PULON and I admit it but who cares?!?!.I hate rumors and i hate people talking behind me.If u think im not okay,just tell me.Confront me.I have my life too.i know im no good.I did mock on people but on certain things.Tell me,which mentality u're including?First,second or third world of mentality.Talk using brain.Dont think that u're such a good person because deep inside,maybe u're the worse .And right know,i knew the truth.Who's right and who to be blame.

P/S:U refers to many people.not a person :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's a phase where we'll try to learn everything

Well,as i expected,life gonna be hectic.The time table has been extend during form 4 because of our additional subject.So,i chose pure scn+account.I dont know wether i can catch up or no?:|.Hope i can do it.But,if u want to stay at SMJ,pure scn+add math are compulsary subjects.wether u want it or no,u have to.

So,u know what,during my lil time,when i was in primary,every of my friend has been busy for their tuition.They went for maths scn and etc but me?I just go for English tuition just to learn English.So,I wanna story a lil bit about it.I started it when I was 11.Maybe it's a lil bit late for my age but better late than never right?So i went to this tuition.I went with Tini and Zqah and some other friends.Btw,if u go to this tuition,u cant speak Malay.And I was like....WHAT?even u want to chat with ur friend,u have to speak in English.At first I felt suck but after that I can survive HaHa.who said speaking english will make a person die?haha.My sir told me,dont feel embarrassing when it comes to speaking time.Just speak with ur friend.Only then u can speak fluently.Even if ur English suck but trust me,practice makes perfect.So,keep on speaking.

And when I was 12,I have a big exam,UPSR,so,everyone went to tuition for scn maths bm and etc but I just go for English tuition but at this time,I learnt from my uncle.He didnt really teach me based on UPSR questions but he taught me on how to make a good essays and taught me new vocabularies.Btw,i preferred to learn vocabs than learning grammar.Grammar is quite boring for me HaHa!And I continued on learning English with him for the next year with my siblings too!:).

So,as for now,even if i didnt really speak fluently and writing better but at least I could try to make it :).Learning is something u have to love.So everyone,dont feel shy to speak up with ur friends at school,it is just a process to make it happen!And if u all want to have more vocabularies,read english me,u can find a lot of words just for A meaning in the novel.But,im quite slow with English novels.It takes me a few weeks to finish it :|.Blame me I love malay novels moree HaHa.

So for now,*LoveLikeThis*.Sorry if i do anything bad.Forgive me,im just like other normal people.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I miss this

Recently,i try to find this drama but i cant find it.when i went to alor star,most of shop will say,it sold out.whatdaaa???!!!I really miss Ma Hye Ri and Seo In Woo :(!I want to watch it again!!!To who never watch this,this drama is such A MUST DRAMA TO BE WATCH.haha .im too exaggerate!till now,*LoveLikeThis*.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DAIM's day

Last night was daim's birthday.we celebrated it at kuala perlis.the fact is,we felt like we celebrated our birthday because daim didnt manage to eat anything.he just eat few fish,crab and etc but we(AS A FOODHUNTER)ate more than him.haha.there's nothing to went well.and i think after this,life gonna be hectic with upcoming exam.ok,school just started few days ago but i tend to talk about EXAM.-_-.My physic's teacher said the first test will be on February(very soon -_-) .oke laa.till now,*LoveLikeThis*.take care and love ya xoxo

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My future

So,before that,Happy New Year 2011 :).i'll be 16 on this year.Let just go with the flow!So,yesterday,while on lunch,i chatted with my beloved dad and normally,my dad and me will chat together instead of my siblings and my mom who finished the food earlier just because they dont want to waste the time by Chit-chatting.HaHa.

So,i asked my dad,if i'll be going to SBPI(because i requested this school for SBP),they will ask us to learn a language beside Bahasa and English,so i asked if i could learn French?But my dad asked me to learn Mandarin.and i was like?errr.and i asked him.Why i should learn Mandarin instead of French.and he answered me "Everyone's predict that China will over take the world's economy in the future".And i was like.errr again.And he said,i can learn Arab too.Even Saudi Arabia just have one source to live on,but,the source will make u rich either -_-.So,i decided to learn what?Allah SWT know better .I dont have any idea what language i should learn.In my heart,i want to learn French.But,for my future,is it worth to learn it?

And my dad said,u can learn anything u want.Knowledge is something u have to treasure and our religion asked us to learn too.So,right now,i dont really know what is my ambition.I wish I could be an entrepreneur but can i survive alone?I want to be an ambassador but i dont know the work's scope and in what field i should take to be an ambassador.And i think,i dont know what work suits me better.I dont want to be an accountant actually,but they say,nowadays,the chance is easier to be an accountant.Most people say,do what u love.and i dont know what i love.what i know is,i love travelling.>) HaHa,is there such a work?Wallahualam.

Till then,*LoveLikeThis*.I hope i could have some feedback about this.Help me :)!Loveya!