Saturday, August 20, 2011

I do not understand

I do not understand why sometimes there's people that can put his/her bf or his/her crush in the front list over his/her bestfriends.the thing is,who wipes your tears when you're about to cry?who sits beside you and holding your hands and play together.who?Your bestfriends.I do not understand why there's sometimes,the person who's at the first,asking and begging for everyone to not forget him/her and in the end,they are the person who forgets everything.I've been through this things a lot of time.It's not how everything gone through,the thing is,I do not understand and I simply need a simple explanation on how this things work.And I know the explanation will include excuses.HaHa.Stupid.All I ever received are,stupid and lame excuses.I dont mind if the person walk away from my life,u can go on with your life,the thing is,dont take me for granted.I hate it.If everything is over,that's over and will never proceed until everything's settle down.I dont like when I have to pretend to be nice and smile over smirk face behind.HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa STUPID.Goodbye.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


A lot of things happened in between this month and last month.Finally,i managed to escape from those hectic days that needed a lot of energy to energize my body -_-''.After,debate and Hari Sukan,finally Im free ;')!Here's a few pics from regional debate competition and state debate competition,with my charismatic teammates ;').We won in regional and won the 3rd place for state.I love the plaque from's made up of glass!!!not plastic and it's really heavy.muehehe.
Me and william in Hotel Seri Malaysia.we stayed there for a night.
I looked darn plump oke -_-''
My pool.weeee
Kenny Roger roasters
during regional debate competition.i know i know,im the shortest among all of them.
in somewhere's surau.see my height :p
in Secret Recipe.celebrating our victory ;')
Tadaaa.with our beloved teacher and sir
the 3 musketeers :P

William and his pool.there were story behind this.
William and Umaa
Teacher w her lil sis ;')
the camwhores :p

candid :p

at Asama's restaurant

Conclusion:I had much fun.Special thanks to my beloved teacher and sir for sacrifice on everything and thanks to my teammates for everything.debate really gives me a big impact on how to cooperate together,to stay up till midnight and everything.Thanks and assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because there's butterfly in my stomach

Back to business,I'll be debating on this Wednesday (crying out loud).I afraid that I wont do better like Nura,Zati,William and Uma had done before.They're good while me?when I start to pop out with something,I'll be thinking of something.I dont know why.And my heart WILL beat faster than ever(it even faster than running around my school's field) .And after that,I'll be using fillers and everything just like how THE tongue twister begins.Seriously,where's my courage?where's my communication skills?Why this year I cant speak properly and write better.Why am I being such a lame and loser?

Come on aida,u can do it.Even im not the best speaker or whatever,but i hope I can do it well.I dont want to disappoint my teammates who have been struggle hard this recent weeks for this upcoming regional debate competition.

No pain,no gain!

Just a brief post from me,the school life begins again from today :).Assalamualaikum!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The opposites of me

My crazy shopaholic lass has moved out from this house to pursue her study in Business field in Uitm Merbok!Good luck and all the best.Know what?the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and she said that business blood is running through her vain.I hope I don't.It so not my cup of tea.I am not a person who can convince people to buy my products pretty well as her.She's really good at it.Trust me!

My sister is really the opposites of me.She's thin and tall but I am short and plump.She loves indoor activities while I love outdoor activities because I find it a lil bit adventurous rather than sit back and having air-conditioners around.She loves shopping but I love travelling.I love other countries but she loves their SHOPPING MALLS'.I am the daddy pampered daughter while she is my mom pampered daughter.She's good in fashion while I suck with it. She loves being late at school while me,trying my best to get up early for school.

After all,she is just my sister and no matter how we fight and breaking the siblings relationship,we'll get along back just in a minute.And not to forget,I am her ex roommates and she must be missing me in the middle of night.I am the one who accompanied her watching movies in the middle of the morning only because she cant sleep and there's 'SOMETHING' was bothering her. Sometimes, I sleep in the opposites of her and without on purpose,I accidentally kicked her face while I was sleeping for like many times :|.She must be terrified.We used to fight for a warm blanket and now I know,she doesn't need the warm blanket anymore because her dorm is freaking hot.

I didnt know how she'd go through with the orientation.I just hope she'll be doing fine because I know,those activities,are so not of her type but always my CUP OF TEA back in camping time.So,just pray she wont cry like the first day she went there.

P/s:the weather hasn't been exquisite as it used to :|.It's freaking hot nowadays even with the max speed of the fan.Toodles everyone and assalamualaikum !:)!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to back

I remember,in March,when I keep bugging lili to make me a Gucci's cake.Actually,I wasnt serious,just wanna joke with her because I impressed with this Gucci's cake.Like seriously,who doesnt?This cake is beautiful and I love this design!I went through the Gucci website and told Lili that I love with it and give her a link.

and one day,when lili texted me "aida,ada dkt rumah x ptg stg".I was like,"ada ada".and she came by the evening,I saw her,holding a box,I had an instinct that it could be cupcakes since her sister is a cupcakes seller.And she gave me,at first,I didnt see inside the box yet,I just thanked her for being such a sweet girl and remembering my birthday ;'>.and when I saw the design inside,I jumped and shouted in front of her,like there were crazy things happened there.Guess what she gave me?;')

Tadaaaa~.She knew that I love all of this.It's true when people said "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
I love u lili .Thanks for everything.*hugsandkisses*.

P/s:My sister got excited too when she saw this cupcakes!:D.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taylor Swift wanna go back to December

And I want to go back to BER(S).It means,I wanna go back to October,November and December.
I really miss last year moment,when I was busy with PMR and everything, and last,I managed to go with the flow ;').How sweet is sweet.2010 means a lot to me.There are a lot of bitter and better,when I tried to change myself for a better person,when I was about to fall with the sad news,and theres family to wake me up.Theres everyone besides me,everyone were giving me the spirit,to continue with the journey of my life.When there were gift when I managed to ace my exam,and flew to Oz with cuzzy, thats such a sweet moment that will last forever.When I received my PMR results and a lot of WHEN that too much to be told.When I was busy preparing with debate from day to night but it was cancelled due to flood.When I was cycling from home to school for activities in school and brave myself to cycle during the hot days.When I was crying for the whole month of June.and when when when.Off till now. ^^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a brief on me

*Exam mode*.So,I Have like 15 days to finish my exam and get prepare of myself for Kawad Daerah and burn my face in the middle of the day.And cant wait for camp in Pulau Payar and etc.I hope I can focusing more on my study.Well that just a brief from me.Anything,just follow me on my twitter.^^.Toodles,and............................

Assalamualaikum :)!