Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taylor Swift wanna go back to December

And I want to go back to BER(S).It means,I wanna go back to October,November and December.
I really miss last year moment,when I was busy with PMR and everything, and last,I managed to go with the flow ;').How sweet is sweet.2010 means a lot to me.There are a lot of bitter and better,when I tried to change myself for a better person,when I was about to fall with the sad news,and theres family to wake me up.Theres everyone besides me,everyone were giving me the spirit,to continue with the journey of my life.When there were gift when I managed to ace my exam,and flew to Oz with cuzzy, thats such a sweet moment that will last forever.When I received my PMR results and a lot of WHEN that too much to be told.When I was busy preparing with debate from day to night but it was cancelled due to flood.When I was cycling from home to school for activities in school and brave myself to cycle during the hot days.When I was crying for the whole month of June.and when when when.Off till now. ^^

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