Saturday, April 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone?:)

I have a younger brother(not the youngest one),who has growing up,and now he's 14.I remember,reminiscing back in time, when he stands beside me,and to be emphasize,SHORTER than me :p.But,it was before lah kan.Now,I just taller than Daim and shorter than everyone in this house :(.

It's not the main topic here.Since he's growing up,so now he's in phase of maturity,where the pimples is everywhere on his face.Thats normal(for my dad),but abnormal for me.I've been through this phase and it SUCKS.I still blame this phase for making my face such as shitto,where the effects of pimples,still on my face :(.I wish,my face is flawless and smooth as soap :p.

So,u know what,when my brother has pimples on his face,everyone's worrying about his pimples.My dad asked us to help him and buy any product to get rid of those red aliens and my dad also intend to bring him to Dr.Venkat too.My mom and my sister bought a lot of products but it wasnt worked. During my time,there's no one worrying about me such as that.This is so UNFAIRRRRR!All of u should bring me to New York Skin Solution to solve all of this problem :P.

Haha thats for today.Byeee.Toodles~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stress and depress,u're so express!

Hye everyone,sorry for procrastinating.I'll update when I have time because,I've been busy all around.
So,well,Im a person who can let a go A matter,but will always remember those things back in time.I dont know why.But in few circumstances,I will never ask back why everything happened.I did cry last few days since I think my body need to rejuvenate from all of the things that freak me out.Im not a professional coach to myself.I NEED to recover everything and live my life as usual.Lets pray I'll be fine.

Recently,my body is bloody exhausted and no word can describe how I go through an unbalanced diet and unhealthy life -_-.Sometimes I take my lunch but sometimes,I just put it aside .Sometimes I think breakfast is necessity,but sometimes,I just think,breakfast leads me to stomachache :/.It's disturbing me in school!

I wish,I still in lower secondary.I cant control myself anymore.My mouth mumbling everything,my body shaking every time (I've no such Parkinson) and sends impulses to the brain that I need my beauty sleep and my face wants to free from all of those red eccentric alien.I cant control myself anymore.I feel like half of me is dead.The part of happiness in myself seems to fade away.

So ,now the clock has ticking till 6.06 AM.Im up for school.Btw,I've this superstitious thoughts,when I otw to school,If I'll be listening to such nice songs or my favourite songs,I can go to school and have fun all around.But if it such a music that is so lame and everything,my mood will turn to :(!

So,Assalamualaikum and toodles everyone!Love

Friday, April 1, 2011

My essay -_-

This is what I crap when tcer give me a bunch of essays.This one of those essay hihi

My life 20 years from now will be more interesting. On that time, I’ll be 36 years old and I’m looking forward that I will be an ambassador somewhere in United Kingdom and have a husband of course and 4 children. My husband would be an entrepreneur just like my dad and he will run a business in United Kingdom too. I hope on that time, I finished my P.H.D in accountant course or maybe in economics field.

I wish, on that time, my savings would be 1 million and I’ll drive Audi or even Mercedez. I want to live in just 2 double storey building simply because first, I don’t want to hire a maid or butler and second, I don’t have to mess up my mind just to tidy up the whole house just for a day. On that time, I’ll be a good cooker and can cook anything for my family because, in overseas ,it’s hard to find Halal food ,so, I’ve to master all of the cooking skills. And my neighborhood will be all of the Malaysian and my children can speak Bahasa Melayu. I hope they don’t forget their roots.

Twice in a year, I will fly back to Malaysia with my family to pay a visit my parents or I’ll pay them flight ticket to come over to United Kingdom. I’ll bring my parents to discover every states in United Kingdom and bring them to other countries too because experiences, come once in a lifetime. And I hope on that time, I’ll set up my foot on red carpet of Malaysia Airlines. I want to get all of the first class services and the armchair is bigger than business class and I’ll have my food served by the time I enter the flight and watching all of the hot movies that just come out in cinema.

Later, every summer, I’ll bring my children to whichever Disneyland and spend good time with them. I want to bring them to every country and discover everything together because memory will never fade away . I want my children to be happy and of course, they have to achieve flying colors result first to get all of this. I don’t want to spoil them. I don’t torture them but I want to be a strict parents that can benefit them in the future. I hope they don’t be a spoil brat and I want to implement all of the moral values in their heart.

Next, I wish on that time, I can have my walk-in wardrobe. And that time, my allowances will permit me to buy all of those luxurious things in Harrods. And I hope there’s no salesgirl that will underestimate me and stare at me just like I’m a beggar and will steal everything in their store. And once in a month, I’ll post gifts for my parents and my parents in law. I hope I can shower them with love equally.

Last but not least, I hope I’ll be grate with what bestow upon me. I’ll keep myself close to Allah,THE ALMIGHTY ,and will never forget HIM wherever I am. I hope I can tie a good knot with everyone and get over the negative things. Everyone hope for the best in their life, so I am.

All about MLTR

Me:*reading newspaper in ayah's office*
Me:Ayah,MLTR is coming here
Me:Ha la tgk ni.they're coming to penang too
Ayah:ilah nak pi dak?
Me:boleh dipercayai ka ayah nk bg pi?
Ayah:Ha la.nak pi dgn sapa?ida?
Me:But,they're all old -_-.

p/s:i wanna go to bruno's if possible!