Thursday, March 31, 2011


Assalamualaikum,I've been busy and thousand apology!
First,I've been neglecting this blog and plus i dont have any idea why im so lazy to update it just like past years.

Well,I've been busy with Kursus Kenaikan Pangkat Sarjan Daerah Kubang Pasu 2011 last week and it was held in Smk Tanjung Pauh.It was freaking because in that camp,WE cant ,i repeat,we cant take a bath O_o!U will never imagine how i looked alike and how smelly i am.the coaches or we called Tuan,they said,everyone here didnt take bath,so ,we were same here.And on that time,I was likee ,erghh,hurry up time,i wanna go home NOW,i mean NOW!And it was raining for 3 days and my telekung was smelly because my shirt's soaked!U will never imagine praying in dirty condition.I wish,next time,we are given time to take bath .Can u imagine ,I used the same trousers for 3 days and did a lot of activities and then we prayed.-_-''.This isnt complaining,but,idk what to say.And the test,all of the test were tough and i knew it before i went to the camp,but just,i didnt ready for mentally and physically -_-.

what touch my heart was,when I suddenly,open this girl's log book and i read about her bio and to my amazement,she studies in jenan and came from Sandakan,Sabah.While lunch,I was eating next to her and asked her for apology to open her book without her permission.hehe.I asked her a lot :"> hehe.Then,u know what,she just can go back to Sabah once,i repeat,ONCE in a year .I told lili,how come did she survive herself,and lili said,if it was me ,the one who will be meeting my parents once in a year,i'll be crying like everyday simply because,if my dad go for outstation,i'll tell lili,i miss my dad :">.Too much 'ANAK AYAH' haha.

and finally,I bestowed by SARJAN at last !after a lot of tough tests,finally,i did it hihi.

and NEXT,I was busy with debate.we were having friendly match debate and we'd to prepare everything and I love when our team,give all of the cooperations.I felt satisfy with it.we have fun by doing the discussion and didnt stress out ourselves.we just being chillax haha.

and third,my BELOVED TEST 2!it's next week -_-.noooo.and a lot of things need to be revised.I dont know wether i have enough time to revise all of those 10 subjects -_-.It just,POSSIBLE for me to SAY,but IMPOSSIBLE for me to make it.If ALLAH wills,I can make it :).it just I have to work hard on it.Life is about sacrifice ;')

and there's still more things that I need to recover.Just pray that I can MAKE it by the time.InsyaALLAH.So,Goodbye love.:)!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Hye,assalamualaikum.How's everyone?I hope u're in the pink of health !Well,I just turned to 16 !Sweet 16 xoxo!Haha well,I enjoyed my birthday this year!Enjoyed it very much and the day of my birthday,the rain was pouringggg after a long time!!!For my birthday this yr,I got handbag and perfume from my mom and dinner treat from my dad at Kenny Rogers.Love both of u so much :)!and thanks to Piqah for the card.I like it.So princess-y.:D!

For those who wish me,I really appreciate it and thanks.I love y'all.Your wishes really meant to me :).I'll remember it!Million thanks :)!
So,here a few pictures from my birthday dinner .

Thanks for coming my beloved aunties
I look so SANGAP -_-

Blowing the candles

Slicing cakes :D!

and all of these pictures below ,taken by lili.I asked her to take pictures of me with colorful balloons :D!Thank u lili.Love u!So sad that ziqah couldnt make it because her parents wasnt around at that time :( and aina and alin that now in mrsm :(.We shall make it this next timeee!

And last but not least,a video from me :D!Sorry for the blurness.I didnt focus it properly :(.sorry.hope u'll enjoy .thanks.Lots of love.xoxo!