Monday, May 23, 2011

The opposites of me

My crazy shopaholic lass has moved out from this house to pursue her study in Business field in Uitm Merbok!Good luck and all the best.Know what?the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and she said that business blood is running through her vain.I hope I don't.It so not my cup of tea.I am not a person who can convince people to buy my products pretty well as her.She's really good at it.Trust me!

My sister is really the opposites of me.She's thin and tall but I am short and plump.She loves indoor activities while I love outdoor activities because I find it a lil bit adventurous rather than sit back and having air-conditioners around.She loves shopping but I love travelling.I love other countries but she loves their SHOPPING MALLS'.I am the daddy pampered daughter while she is my mom pampered daughter.She's good in fashion while I suck with it. She loves being late at school while me,trying my best to get up early for school.

After all,she is just my sister and no matter how we fight and breaking the siblings relationship,we'll get along back just in a minute.And not to forget,I am her ex roommates and she must be missing me in the middle of night.I am the one who accompanied her watching movies in the middle of the morning only because she cant sleep and there's 'SOMETHING' was bothering her. Sometimes, I sleep in the opposites of her and without on purpose,I accidentally kicked her face while I was sleeping for like many times :|.She must be terrified.We used to fight for a warm blanket and now I know,she doesn't need the warm blanket anymore because her dorm is freaking hot.

I didnt know how she'd go through with the orientation.I just hope she'll be doing fine because I know,those activities,are so not of her type but always my CUP OF TEA back in camping time.So,just pray she wont cry like the first day she went there.

P/s:the weather hasn't been exquisite as it used to :|.It's freaking hot nowadays even with the max speed of the fan.Toodles everyone and assalamualaikum !:)!

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