Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because there's butterfly in my stomach

Back to business,I'll be debating on this Wednesday (crying out loud).I afraid that I wont do better like Nura,Zati,William and Uma had done before.They're good while me?when I start to pop out with something,I'll be thinking of something.I dont know why.And my heart WILL beat faster than ever(it even faster than running around my school's field) .And after that,I'll be using fillers and everything just like how THE tongue twister begins.Seriously,where's my courage?where's my communication skills?Why this year I cant speak properly and write better.Why am I being such a lame and loser?

Come on aida,u can do it.Even im not the best speaker or whatever,but i hope I can do it well.I dont want to disappoint my teammates who have been struggle hard this recent weeks for this upcoming regional debate competition.

No pain,no gain!

Just a brief post from me,the school life begins again from today :).Assalamualaikum!

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