Thursday, July 21, 2011


A lot of things happened in between this month and last month.Finally,i managed to escape from those hectic days that needed a lot of energy to energize my body -_-''.After,debate and Hari Sukan,finally Im free ;')!Here's a few pics from regional debate competition and state debate competition,with my charismatic teammates ;').We won in regional and won the 3rd place for state.I love the plaque from's made up of glass!!!not plastic and it's really heavy.muehehe.
Me and william in Hotel Seri Malaysia.we stayed there for a night.
I looked darn plump oke -_-''
My pool.weeee
Kenny Roger roasters
during regional debate competition.i know i know,im the shortest among all of them.
in somewhere's surau.see my height :p
in Secret Recipe.celebrating our victory ;')
Tadaaa.with our beloved teacher and sir
the 3 musketeers :P

William and his pool.there were story behind this.
William and Umaa
Teacher w her lil sis ;')
the camwhores :p

candid :p

at Asama's restaurant

Conclusion:I had much fun.Special thanks to my beloved teacher and sir for sacrifice on everything and thanks to my teammates for everything.debate really gives me a big impact on how to cooperate together,to stay up till midnight and everything.Thanks and assalamualaikum :)

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